The vision for New City Church was born out of a desire to see safe spaces created in which people can explore Jesus. We believe that Jesus is amazing, but we also recognise that so often as we seek to follow Jesus, our journeys become tied down by religion, burned by the actions of others and derailed by life’s chaos.

It all began when a group of people who have lived in the margins of church and society got together, and we found that here, we discovered Jesus in new and exciting ways. 

New City Church exists that all might find refuge and life in Jesus 

Young, fresh, and a little bit edgy, New City Church longs to be a place where you can rest, find healing and begin to journey (either for the first or hundredth time) into a vibrant, life-giving faith. Based firmly in the ancient words of the Bible, we at New City Church call you to come as you are, whatever your past, to experience the abundance that Jesus has to offer. 

What we're all about

We believe that Jesus came to give life, and life to the full. There is no greater promise than this.
Whether it is the cry of modern slavery, the lifting of LGBTQIA+ voices from the margins or the feeding of the hungry in our communities, you will always find us on our feet, ready with an open heart.
We long for a family who carries one another’s burdens, celebrates one another’s joys, and sacrificially serves together. In community, we are combatting the plague of loneliness that so many in our society suffer from.