Christine Redwood : Achsah's Memories
This Sunday, we are entering the book of Judges using our imaginations.

This sermon might be different to what you are used to hearing.

Christine will be telling us this story from Achsah’s perspective.

This story from Judges 1 invites us to ask:

What do we remember, and what do we forget that we shouldn’t?

Do you ever feel like you are forgotten?

That your life is insignificant?

It is easy to forget the women and their stories in the Bible, but I believe that God does not forget them.

When I look at Jesus and see how he interacted and noticed women I see God.

We need to tell these small stories as well as the big stories to hear God’s love and concern for all people.

Who are we danger of forgetting or erasing today?

Let’s pray and ask God to help us remember.


The reading at the start is from Judges 1:9 to 15.

[Please note that the four photo Slides from this sermon are also available for download.]